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The Hottest of Sauces

It feels only right at this point in Lester's rejuvenation that we pay tribute to a certain Rich Gilroy.

A founding member of DLB, we literally wouldn't have a band to speak of if it wasn't for his soulful playing and acute songwriting skills. Not to mention all the promotion and legwork finding gigs for us throughout the 2010s.

The Lester Facts were also his idea and the world thanks him, if only for that.

So what happened? Where is this musical magician?

Well, he had the balls to try and make a living out of his talent and with his current band Hot Sauce, he is doing exactly that.

Quickly making a name for themselves as one of the hottest blues and funk cover acts around, their set scorches through old rock & blues classics whilst also funking up some unexpected numbers (check out their version of Scissor Sisters' 'Take Yo Momma Out All Night!')

Alongside their insanely tight, punchy and electrifying set, they have also released their own hot sauce - the aptly named 'Hot Sauce Hot Sauce'. I personally haven't tried it yet, but if it's as spicy as their music then it must be up there on the Scoville Scale!

Check them out here:

Again, thanks for everything Rich - you'll always be in Lester's little black book.

-Ben & DLB

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