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Downcast Battle of the Bands, AI Masters Part III and October Gig at Mister Tighes

So, Lester has been a busy boy again, so much so that he has neglected to update the blog and website in a while. He has, of course, blamed this on anybody but himself, with his long-suffering PA, Duane, suffering the brunt of his ire, as usual.

We've added AI Masters Part II to the music section of the website, so head over there to check it out, if you haven't already! Here's what Lester has been up to during the last couple of months, and what he has up his sleeve...

October 21st - Mister Tighes Gig

October's gig sees Lester stalking the mean streets of Blyth for a tantalising gig at the town's best live music venue, Mister Tighes. With 2x45 minute sets, expect the full Lester experience, with every song from the AI Masters sessions and a treasure trove of covers old & new, it's gonna be a ripper of an evening...

Downcast Studios Battle of the Bands

Lester stormed to the final of the Downcast Studios Battle of the Bands, the highlight being a shameless, but storming cover of Livin' la Vida Loca in the semi final...

Marching valiantly in to the final, with the arrogance of a little Napoleon, Lester was outnumbered by the villainous hordes of M4SS Production, coming in an agonizing second place. He is still incredibly bitter, and is spending all of the band's time and money on exploring legal avenues for a do-over.

Yes, Lester has no shame and had no qualms in stooping as low as to incorporate 'Blue' by Eiffel 65 in to Impala...

AI Masters Part III

Work continues on the final part of our AI Masters EP, requiring Lester to actually turn up and do the vocals. They're shaping up to be the best trio of recordings yet, including our Latin Rock animal 'Wearing it Well', the smooth blues funk of 'Head Above the Clouds' and a finisher more deadly than a People's Elbow, the immortal 'Impala'.

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