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Lester's Favourites

There's so much great stuff going on in the North East music scene, I thought I'd share two of Lester's favourites that will be making waves in 2023.


Ahh, the day Lester finally discovered the meaning of true love. We had the absolute delight of playing with French singer-songwriter So-Ann-So at Three Tanner's Bank last month.

A genuinely prodigious talent, her incredibly complex, jazzy piano playing, mesmerizing crooning vocals and delightfully playful style of song writing and performance woke something in the pit of Lester's stomach.

A mix of lounge jazz, pop and something indefinable, you should 100% check her out and if possible, go see her show - the way she introduces and links her songs together through coy singing is impossible not to love!


In truth, Lester bloody despised Artisam when we used to play with them back in the day, because they used to play us off the park!

Ambitious, versatile and with a virtuosity not often associated with Alt-Rock bands, Artisam are back after a long hiatus and look set to be releasing new material very soon.

We're super excited at the prospect of seeing these lads get back to releasing new music and hope the stars align to be able to play with them again in the near future.

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