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Feb Roundup - Gigs, Videos, Reviews & New Tracks

It's been a pretty busy start to the year - here's a roundup of news from the Lesterverse!


Lester supported the amazing blues rock trio Five Points Gang on the Newcastle Leg of their UK tour on January 27th at Little Buildings in Newcastle.

Despite not having the foggiest of how to even operate a simple microwave, Lester was adamant that his long-suffering PA, Duane, spend hours toiling away with video editing software to bring you all a highlights reel of our set. Check it out if you missed the gig, or want to relive some of the best moments!

We're working on further monthly gigs for the first half of 2023, so stay tuned!


The first half our EP, 'A.I. Masters Part I' was reviewed in this month's NARC magazine - you can read it on page 49.

'...fat as funk funky basslines with flecks of Latin essence... fun would definitely be the order of the day here.'

We're also waiting on reviews from Illustrated Magazine and new publication from Darlington, 'Dirge Magazine', which should appear early this month.


Work continues down at Lester Laboratories on the second half of A.I. Masters - a lot of the staff were laid low with a mysterious parasite and there was a whole Resident Evil thing we had to deal with. Here's the artwork to keep you all happy as we mop up the mess and get back to it!


We've also created an Instagram page, if you're in to that sort of thing - you can check it out for a collection of our gig photos, artwork and short videos!

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