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Downtown Lester Brown Website Launch!

I was awoken this morning, as usual, by Lester screaming in my face, making demands. Today, it just so happened he demanded I make a website for our band.

So here it is! A one-stop shop for all things Lester.

You can find a little about the members, and a lot about Lester on the Lester facts page.

I've started a blog with the best intentions of updating it but know I probably will write these first initial posts and then go back to being a demotivated slob wearing a person suit and fuelled by narcissism and 45% whiskey.

So please, enjoy - check out the new EP, A.I. Masters on the 'music' page and hop over to Facebook to give our page a like, if you haven't already!

Cheers -

Ben & DLB

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