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April Roundup - International Reviews & Lester Caught on Film

April was another busy one for Lester. Read on for our roundup of reviews, photos and videos!


Reviews have been coming in from quite literally around the globe for our latest EP, 'A.I. Masters Part II' - here are the highlights! (You can click on the name of the publication to visit the full review):

‘[…] three really sensational firecrackers […] the sumptuous chorus, with arena intent, catchy and perfect to be screamed at the top of your lungs.’ – Music for All (Brazil)

‘[…] bold instrumentation and powerful vocals […] an exceptional collection of songs that demonstrates the immense talent and creativity […]’ – Music Taste (UK)

‘[…] "AI Masters Pt. II" is of unparalleled charm thanks in particular to its catchy vocal cords and an atmosphere punctuated by a sumptuous instrumental […] truly unique and compelling[…]’ – Iggy Magazine (France)

‘[…] grandiose grooves, lines of highlighted bass, characteristic blues vocals and much more, featuring great versatility[…]’ – Os Gratos De Liverpool (Brazil)

‘[…] these musical geniuses take us on a journey and offer us the possibility of sightseeing thanks to the multitude of horizons highlighted in this EP.’ InfoMusic (France)

‘[…] pulsating funk grooves, searing guitars and powerful bass lines, all tied together by smooth blues-inflected vocals. This EP truly encapsulates their relentless pursuit of originality and musical innovation[…] rare talent for saddling up and riding the lightning of multiple genres. […] a force to be reckoned with in the world of funk rock.’ – Plastic Magazine (UK)


We were honoured to be asked to play a set celebrating Record Store Day 2023 at the legendary JG Windows music store in Newcastle's Central Arcade. This marks the first time Lester has appeared to front the band in the flesh and featured special guest guitarist Ian Watson, as Steve was enduring a stretch in the naughty corner for an unforgivable arithmatic error when making Lester's coffee with 2 sugars, as opposed to his customary 20. The results... Remarkable...

Next Up...

Lester prepares for war at Downcast Studio, Gateshead's Battle of the Bands. Aiming to be last man standing in a three way brawl with Mother Firefly and The Last Bastion, we're calling on every able-bodied man, woman and child to join the ranks and come along to witness the carnage. You can buy your tickets at this link.

You can also check out the event details and register your interest on our Facebook event.

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