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A.I. Masters (Part 1) RELEASE!

This week, we released the first half of our self-produced EP, A.I. Masters.

3 songs, all recorded, mixed, mastered and published by us. We used a ton of free and openly available software for this, including artificial intelligence programs for the mastering process and artwork (hence the title, 'A.I. Masters'!

We're trying to develop a bit of a spicy Latin vibe to compliment the funk rock style we're known for - you can really hear it on Last Laugh and Vanishing Act. Hop over to the 'music' page to check it out, you can follow the buttons to add them to your playlist on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music or Soundcloud!

For the tech geeks out there - here's a list of software used:

Bandlab for collaborative recording

Cakewalk DAW for mixing

LANDR AI Mastering software

Craiyon (formerly Dall-E 2) AI software for artwork

Part 2 coming early 2023!

- Ben & DLB

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